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Stop and ask someone on the street to pray for you and you might get a strange look in return. But what if they really knew you or a loved one were truly hurting. Perhaps they may surprize you and say yes.

The majority of Americans do believe in the healing power of prayer. Time and CNN did a pole to find that 82% of Americans believe that prayer can cure serious illness. (Ameling, 2000) In fact the poll also states that 64% would like their physicians to pray with them also. (Ameling, 2000) While the study done by the Templeton Foundation may show that prayer did not help the patients there have been others that have shown that spiritual care varies greatly for the patients. Studies done by doctor Van Dover have shown that after given spiritual care some patients showed an immediate response while other showed nothing for days only to be completely healed a few days later. (Van Dover, 2001) Van Dover states that the individuals who showed acceptance of the spiritual care returned to normal heart rhythms, had a deep feeling of peace, and/or a feeling of divine presence. Other examples were more dramatic such as a patient who lay in a comatose state but soon after regained consciousness; a patient stated that their suicidal thoughts completely stopped; and another whom was reported dysphasic regained speech. (Van Dover, 2001)

            While it is important to remember the patient’s needs for spiritual care it is equally important to remember the needs of those around the patient. Part of the Planetree model is focusing on the power that the family can bring to healing. When a loved on is in the hospital one must remember as a caregiver that the family of that patient is also frightened, hurt, and scared. These needs become extremely evident upon the death of a loved one. “In seven of the cases, spiritual distress was a feature of the patient’s transition from life to death. It is clear that members of the patient’s family experienced spiritual distress and nurses saw spiritual intervention as important for them.” (Ameling,2000)


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