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A Different Kind of Facility

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Not only nurses recognize that this type of healthcare is advantageous for both patient and staff but more hospitals and clinics are catching on as well. There are now outside companies who have made it their business to help medical professions become more holistic in care; an example would include the Planetree model. Planetree states that they are a non-profit member organization that works with providers and hospitals all across the nation to develop and implement patient-centered healing environments. Specializing in developing models of healthcare that focus on the healing of mind-body-spirit through holistic methods. (Planetree, 2006) There is no specific religious affiliation of the Planetree model just an organization that puts a primary focus on the whole body way of healing.

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Aside from just the Planetree hospital there are other ways in which hospitals and clinics throughout the United States have been striving towards a more holistic atmosphere. These different kinds of facilities use things such as music and art to create a space more aesthetic for the patients. Art programs in particular have had great success as Mary Rockwood Lane states in her article "A New Paradigm for Holistic Nursing Practice." Lane writes "The initial shift from art on the walls to art as healing was crucial. It made art an advanced therapeutic intervention and allowed art to become transformitive." Her article continues on to state that the art is not only limited to painting but also musical performances, even dance.
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A New Paradigm in Nursing

A computer animated picture showing the artist rendering of the brain.
A sculpture allows a patient to not only look but also touch; incorporating multiple senses.


But perhaps the most sucessful new approach to holistic care has been that of programs like CVT. CVT stands for Canine Visitation Therapy, otherwise known as Pet Therapy. While the name includes canines it is not limited to dogs. The way pet therapy works is that trained, calm animals are brought in for the patients to meet and interact with. Petting, holding, talking, laughing, and sometimes barking the patients cuddle and are largly comforted by the animals. In one study dealing with pain perception of children who participate in CVT the results showed significant decreases in pain. The children expresed feelings of relief saying things like "[The Dog] helped me think of other things besides my surgery." The childrens parents have also made positive comments saying that the animal is "so good for children to have something to take their minds off the pain." Here are some pictures of  two dogs used in pet therapy.
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Article on Pet Therapy