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A Healthcare Givers Perspective

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While providing spiritual care is important from a healing perspective it is also helpful in a developmental perspective. As caregivers continue to expand their practice and skills the giving of spiritual care can be almost as healing as receiving it. Dr. Leslie Van Dover and registered nurse Jane Bacon describe in their article Spiritual Care in Nursing Practice: A Close-Up View how nurses are adapting to the growing practices. Van Dover and Bacon state that there are a few issues that providers must deal with; chiefly that the concept of spirituality is many times confused with religion. (Van Dover, 2001) Throughout the article there are different examples of patients who suffer from varying illness and who are also located in different settings. The nurses within the study showed not only great care for their patients but also a deeper spiritually growth within themselves. “This level of interaction creates meanings and memories that are life-and heal-giving for the nurse as well as the patient.” (Van Dover, 2001)

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