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Mission Briefing

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Mission Briefing
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The Mission should you choose to accept it is to research the growing aspect of healthcare and spirituality; specificly focusing on the nursing field using a sociological perspective.

Further Information on the mission:

In an increasing world population where healthcare is quickly becoming the fastest growing industry the providers and the patients themselves are realizing that there is more to healing then simply medicine. Throughout the progress of the human lifespan every person on the planet will require some form of healthcare in his or her life. Whether deep inside the jungle where medicine men are the local providers or in the United States where citizens are considered to have the latest and greatest that technology can provide it is evident. People have realized that healing is not simply about the body. Healthcare has made great strides in both physical and mental health, however, as people are discovering there is another area where care is needed in order to achieve complete and optimal healing: the soul.

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