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Healthcare and Spirituality

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In many opinions the term “soul” is cliché, although that doesn’t change the fact that the majority of people believe that our total being has an aspect that cannot be seen or measured. Some may argue that as a species we are simply mind and body, but at the same time they will acknowledge that there is most likely something extra that makes us unique individuals. For simplicity this uniqueness will be referred to as “spirituality” or our “spirit” without any specific religious affiliation. While our spirituality is unique to ourselves cultures and cohorts view it differently, this is why society as a whole typically looks at healthcare that focuses on it as religious care. Although amongst the professionals in the field it is referred to as holistic or spiritual care.

While holistic care has been around for quite a while most people have only begun hearing about it because of popular trends in the media. Hospitals, surgery centers, clinics and doctor’s offices have long understood that in order to maximize healing you must also be attentive to the patients spiritual needs. The challenge for these providers is to make sure that they do not cater to one specific belief system or think that just because the patient states that he or she does not believe in any higher power doesn’t need holistic care.